Internal Parasite

Ever see an internal parasite in your yard? No? We didn’t think we would see one either. However, thanks to a visiting Raccoon, we got to see one. Going out on our deck in the morning we found that a visiting Raccoon from the night before decided our deck would be a good spot to leave us a little present. Ewwww. Well, after removing the pile of little gifts we saw something strange. It looked like a row of tiny beads, but also included a thin rubber band looking structure and a long arrowhead shape on one end.

While we’re not even remotely familiar with parasites, our first guess was a tapeworm. Checking some images on Google and we found enough similar shots that we’re going to stick with this guess… although if someone reading this can correct us please post in the comments.

So, we’re calling this a Tapeworm (Anoplocephala perfoliata).

After this shot it was removed from our deck and was at least 10 inches long.


~ by Gary & Therese on April 6, 2011.

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