Christmas Eve Dinner

On Christmas Eve we observed a hawk seeking dinner.

In our yard we have a few brush piles. Basically large piles of twigs and branches. In the winter snow piles up on these and the small birds take shelter in there from the winds. However, all year long the small birds use these as shelter from the large birds (hawks) that want to eat them.


The hawk, a Coopers we believe, landed on the brush pile and kept looking down into it.


Finally after a few minutes it begin hopping all around the pile and even making attempts at going into the pile.






After almost 10 miuntes it appeared to finally decide that the small birds deep within the branches were out of reach and it flew to a nearby tree to preen and perhaps wait for another small bird to get careless and fly by,




~ by Gary & Therese on January 2, 2013.

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