Rain Drops Keep Falling on my…

One recent morning I was walking around the yard. It had rained the night before and the air was still somewhat misty feeling. The various droplets on the plants around me caught my eye and soon afterwards I went and got the camera…

A leaf near the garage. Notice the shape? The point helps to direct droplets to the tip so they can fall down near the plant and give the roots a drink.

Drop on a greater Celandine leaf. This sap of this plant can be used as a topical medicine.

Sedum. These succulents put on a great showing in early September and bring in many different bees and butterflies.

The contrast of light to dark and the way the drops magnify the leaf veining really stood out to me.

The crab apple trees were in full bloom.

Recognize these three leaves? No, not poison ivy. This is strawberry.

The ever present dandelion. Between edible and medicinal benefits of this plant coupled with the variety of photo opportunities it provides I can’t see how anyone would want to get rid of them!

Another dandelion.

Allium. Blooms into a tennis ball sized purple flower head. This bud is just a few days away from opening.

What would spring flowers be without some tulips?

~ by Gary & Therese on May 30, 2016.

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