About WIMY

What’s In My Yard (or WIMY) was a brainstorm we had while mowing our suburban lawn on a 90+ degree day… or maybe it was the heat causing delusions… either way we thought it would be interesting to feature photos of each and every living organism that we could find in our yard.

The basic rules (that we made up)  say that it has to either be found in our yard or over our yard. For example, a bird in a tree in our yard or flying directly over our yard counts. A bird perched in a neighbor’s tree does not. Otherwise any plant, animal or fungus is fair game. All photos will have been taken by us. While, in a few rare instances, the photo of the organism itself may actually be one of our shots from elsewhere, the species still has been seen in our yard.

Now for a little about our yard. We don’t use chemicals. We rarely use fertilizers. Once in a while we might use an organic fertilizer on one of our decorative or vegetable plants but never anywhere else. No herbicides. No bad for the environment stuff. Our lot is about a third of an acre and backs up on a fairly large open land area. Otherwise, our yard is not really any different from thousands and thousands of other suburban Chicago area yards.

Now neither of us are Naturalists. Maybe some day, but for now we just like to know what we have coexisting in our little spot on this planet. WIMY is our attempt at sharing our findings with others AND with getting input and feedback on those harder to identify species. Hopefully over time WIMY will grow with enough content to allow others to use it as an identification resource too.

Thanks for looking and feel free to comment on the blog posts.

-Gary & Therese